Hello There,

I'm Nate Holland

I Craft Responsive Frontend Experiences. 

I'm a Frontend Developer with 5+ years of agency experience creating beautiful responsive online experiences. I specialize in eCommerce Development on Shopify, but also have a wide range of experience with other platforms such as Wordpress, Magento, and Craft. Along with my platform experience I've also spent considerable time developing other resources such as Continuous Integration Workflows, efficient Deployment Pipelines, and even writing developer or client focused documentation. My formal background in design also allows me to provide valuable UX input from a development perspective and create fully functional Web Experiences from design comps in a timely manner.

I'm currently a Senior Developer at Gauge where I work to deliver the best possible experience for Merchants & Customers through Planning, Architecting, and Developing eCommerce websites. I also ensure high quality code is produced across development teams, assist with project scoping, training and mentoring Jr. Developers, and creating beautiful eCommerce storefronts.

Some Brands I've Developed Solutions For